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  • 2019 «Nowhere» wins the Upper Austrian Award for Integration (OÖ Landespreis für Integration)

  • 2019 «Nowhere» is nominated Finalist at the Etnovideográfica International Film Festival, Spain

  • 2018 «Life in Four Elements» wins the Best Film Award at the 12. Festival Gorniskego Filma, Slowenija

  • 2017 «Life in Four Elements» wins the Award for Best Cinematography at the 10. Bilbao MENDI Film Festival, Spain

  • 2017 «Life in Four Elements» wins the Silver Gentian at the 65. Trento Film Festival, Italy

  • 2016 «Children of the Forest» wins the Special Award at the Cinechildren International Film Festival, Italy

  • 2015 «Children of the Forest» wins the Best of the Fest Award at the Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, Philippines

  • 2014 «The Heir of Liszt» wins the Award for Best Biography at the Cinetrofa International Film Festival in Portugal

  • 2014 «Separated» represents Fisahara at the 62nd International Film Festival of San Sebastian

  • 2014 «Separated» achieves two nominations for the „Kunlun Jade-Award“ in China

  • 2013 «Separated» wins special mention of the Jury for the Best Film on Human Rights at the 31.International Film Festival of Uruguay:

  • 2013 «Separated» wins special Mention of the Jury at the 8. International Film Festival of Belize

  • 2012 «Gaelle» is selected by the Cervantes Institute to represent Spain worldwide under the patronage of the former Spanish Queen Sofia and the Peace Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus

  • 2012 «Gaelle» wins the Best of Content Award at the Cebu International Documentary Film Festival, Philippines




1. Dolomitale, Italy | Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2018, Netherlands | XXIII. Ladek International Mountain Film Festival 2018, Poland |6. International Mountain Film Festival Domzale, Slovenia |Docpoint Tallinn 2018, Estonia | 59. Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany |Salzburg Bergfilmfestival, Austria | Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2017, Spain - Award for Best Cinematography | Kendal Mountain Festival, UK |Bansko Mountain Film Festival 2017, Bulgaria | 31. Mountain Film, Austria | 62. SEMINCI, Spain | 2. Ulju Mountain Film Festival, Korea 65. Trento Mountain Film Festival, Italy - Silver Gentian for the Best Artistic-technical contribution | 16. Docpoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland


10. San Rafael en Corto, opening film | Festival de Cine Invisible, Bilbao, Spain | Aegean Docs 2014, Greece | 62. International Film Festival of San Sebastian | A Film For Peace Festival, Udine, Italy | Ciudades Reveladas, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Ethnocineteca, Viena | 2. Festival de Cine y Video Kayche’ Tejidos Visuales, México | 10. Fisahara, Algeria | Zoom Austria, Skopje, Macedonia | 8. Belize International Film Festival - Special Mention of the Jury Best Documentary | 3. Festival Internacional Globale Bogotá, Colombia | 8. Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México | Sucre Festival de Cine de Derechos Humanos, Bolivia | 16. Flying Broom Women´s Film Festival, Ankara, Turkey | Mediawave 2013, Gyor, Hungary | 10. Crossing Europe, Austria | 31. Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Uruguay - Special Mention of the Jury Best Film On Human Rights | 8. Mostra Internacional de Documentals, Olot, Spain | 57. SEMINCI, Valladolid, Spain



55. SEMINCI, Valladolid, Spain | Documentary Film Festival of Betanzos-Spain (opening film)

NOWHERE (2018)

Etnovideográfica International Film Festival 2019, Spain | 20th Ojai International Film Festival, US | Slemani International Film Festival 2019, Iraqui Kurdistan | High Falls Women´s Film Festival 2019, US | Festival Internacional Etnovideográfica 2019, Spain | 2. Refugees Welcome international Film Festival, Berlin | 7th  Aegean  Docs  International  Film  Festival,  Greece  | Heimatfilmfestival  2019 Freistadt, Austria   |  16. Crossing Europe, Austria | 7. Nepal Human Rights Film Festival | 63. SEMINCI, "Sección Oficial Tiempo de Historia " Valladolid, Spain


Cinechildren International Film Festival 2016, Italy - Special Award given by the Artistic Director of the Festival | Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary 2015, Turkey |Cebu International Documentary Film Festival 2015, Philippines - Best of the Fest Award


Festival de Cine Independiente Mar de Plata 2015, Argentina | Dock of the Bay Festival de Cine documental Musical 2015, Spain | Sound on Screen Music Film Festival 2014, South Africa | Arraial Cine Fest, Brasil | Cine Trofa 2014, Portugal - Award for Best Biography | V. Festival de Cine e Infancia, Colombia |  XIX. International TV Festival Bar, Montenegro | International Festival of documentary and Short Films Prvi Kadar, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 59. SEMINCI, Valladolid, Spain | 4th Opuzen International Film Festival, Croatia

GAELLE (2011)

Ciclo de cine espanol 2014, Zurich | XIII Festival Internacional de Cine Santiago de Cuba | 8. Mostra Internacional de Documentals, Olot  |  Festival Internacional de Cine de Zaragoza Finalist | Extrema´doc 2012 Finalist | 5. Edición "La Imágen del Pueblo", Ecuador | 8. Festival Internacional de Cine "El Ojo Cojo", Madrid | Cebu International Documentary Film Festival 2012, Philippines - Award of Best Content | 56. SEMINCI | Selected  by the Cervantes Institute for it´s international screening tour “Territorio documental”, screenings in Marroko, England, Croacia, France, Vietnam, etc. | 14. International Documentary Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece