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GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2021      LENGTH: 76 min (available also in 52 min)

A very personal filmic journey of the director to four indigenous nomadic peoples and their shamans unexpectedly becomes an exciting testimonial of the day to day life of these last nomadic cultures, whose physical and cultural survival is existentially threatened by climate change.



SPECIAL AWARD OF THE JURY - MAFF Matsalu Nature Film Festival - 2021 Kopie.png
The Shamans´Nightmare - 3rd PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - Ladek Mountain Film Festival - 2021 whi
The Shamans´Nightmare - Human-Environment Care Film Festival - 2021 white.png


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2018      LENGTH: 60 min (available also in 52 min)

When fleeing from the war with the Red Khmer, eight years old Ngoc manages to survive alone a three weeks boat odyssey. Thanks to the humanity of an Austrian family,he gets integrated into the Austrian society and becomes a renown TCM doctor. Forty years later he decides to give medical aid to arriving boat refugees on Lesbos island. There he realises that his own destiny gets repeated in the faith of this new generation of refugees and old wounds burst open. In an intent to find peace again he starts with his family a difficult search for his own past...


Nowhere - O LANDESPREIS FR INTEGRATION - 2019 white.png
NOWHERE - 2. Price Film Festival Santiago lvarez - 2023 white.png


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2017      LENGTH: 73 min (available also in 52 min)

Four people deeply immersed in their element, which makes them carry on a borderwalk between life and death. A movie about the search for the ultimative value of life.



Life in Four Elements - SILVER GENTIAN Trento Film Festival - 2017 white.png
Life in Four Elements - BEST MOUNTAIN FILM - Festival Gorniskego Film - 2018 white.png


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2015      LENGTH: 72 min (available also in 52 min)

In CHILDREN OF THE FOREST six-year-old Andreas recounts his unusual and fascinating childhood in an Austrian forest-Kindergarten. The idillic experience of which is darkened by the gradual destruction of their forest.



Children of the Forest - BEST OF THE FEST Cebu International Film Festival - 2015
Children of the Forest - SPECIAL AWARD Cinechildren International Film Festival - 2016 whi


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2014      LENGTH: 60 min (available also in 52 min)

How does musical genius come about? The documentary THE HEIR OF LISZT tells about the unusual life of the 11-year-old piano genius and composer Michael Andreas Häringer and sheds light on some of the lesser known aspects of the biographies of his famous ancestors, Franz Liszt and Sophie Menter.




GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2012      LENGTH: 60 min (available also in 52 min)

In Slovakia, behind walls built to separate the Romani ethnicity from the “white” population, babies are born in precarious conditions.  In Palestine, a civilian population’s life passes in the shadow of a concrete wall eleven meters high.  Beyond that wall, family, land, and jobs are left behind.  In Western Sahara, in an attempt to create a safe zone, young women risk their lives removing landmines from the 3,000-kilometer strip of sand wall that separates them from their land and families.  SEPARATED, through the voices of its protagonists, speaks of three peoples’ struggle to survive.  Their common destiny unites them: exclusion and oblivion.



Separated - SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY International Film Festival Uruguay - 2012 white.p
Separated - SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY Belize International Film Festival - 2013


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2011      LENGTH: 60 min (available also in 52 min)

A magnitude 7 earthquake shook Haiti on January 12, 2010, reducing the poorest country in America to rubble. Immediately rescue teams from all over the world came to the island to search for the citizens trapped below the rubble in a fight against the clock. A team of Spanish firefighters, accompanied by the rescue dog “Turco” became the protagonists of one of the most media rescue: two years old Redjeson was found alife 48 hours after the earthquake, becoming a symbol of hope. But their mission in Haiti changed their life forever. One year after the tragedy, when the world seems to have forgotten about the little island, three Spanish firefighters decide to return to search for Redjeson and to try to get their wounds to heal.



Gaelle - BEST CONTENT Cebu International Film Festival - 2012 white.png


GENRE: Documentary      YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2010      LENGTH: 65 min (available also in 52 min)

They reach great lengths to support their families. They carry their babies on their backs while they pick coke leaves and step on the lethal mass barefoot, to then extract the cocaine base paste. By trying to avoid prostitution, others search within drugs micro-commerce for work. And some try to change their destiny by taking the white poison from South America to the countries of highest consumption. They don’t feel guilty about the damage they are causing. They ignore the fact that they form part of a game where there are very little winners and where many lose everything. Our moral standards don’t apply to them. With the crime they’re committing they want to buy a better future for their children and many times suffer the consequences alone, forgotten by their surroundings and partners.

They are drugmothers



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